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Since 2004, we've worked with hundreds of NSD's and Sales Directors to help them earn cars, diamonds, trips around the world, and more money than they had ever earned before!

We were the first to develop a successful system of networking Sales Directors with Virtual Assistants.  Others have come and gone, attempting to duplicate our business model, but we are the most stable and reliable option for your Virtual Assistant needs. 

We are equipped to handle units of any size for two simple reasons:

1. Our staff is experienced - we have very low employee turnover. A happy staff benefits everyone.
2. We also own our printing and mass-mailing business, allowing us to quickly process your mailings without delay.  


Our mission is to see more Directors build STRONG and SUCCESSFUL units!  We want to work to help them achieve the financial freedom and balance in life which was intended for all Directors.

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Hire

10. I LOVE shuffling stacks of paper in my office!

9. Office Assistants - I love hiring them, training them, having them in my home all the time, then watching them quit.

8. No one can track numbers and do mail-outs like me, I'm the best!

7. My consultants love my inconsistency: they say it gives me character!

6. I like things just the way they are - my income, my unit size, my Seminar seating at the top of the arena, my stress level. Don't change anything!

5. If I had more free time, I might feel compelled to get some bookings for my personal business. No thanks!

4. My family loves to see me in my office during nights and weekends.  It's my way of letting them know how special they are!

3. I want my consultants to aspire to become successful Directors and nothing says success like licking envelopes.

2. Finding ways to use the hours I would save stresses me out... exercise, Bible study, family time, IPAs - who needs that?

1. I spent years in Corporate America mastering the art of "looking busy." I would hate to waste my talents.

You've worked so hard to earn the suit, the car, the money, and the title of Sales Director.  Let us work to help you take your business to the next level of success.  Are you ready to travel around the world with the most successful business women in America?  Are you ready to get over the hump and up to a new Unit Club?  Are you ready to be a Million Dollar Director???  Are you ready for NSD??? 

Let's get serious about moving up and make it happen NOW!  Remember when you were happiest in your business?  Get ready...because happy days are here again!

We're ready RIGHT NOW to handle the stuff that slows you down!



How much is your time worth?

Can you sell $400 at a class or party in 2 hours?  Then your time is worth at least $100 per hour! How many hours each day, week, or month do you spend on necessary, but mundane office tasks that do not directly increase your income?

How much time do you spend explaining, training, educating, and following-up with someone how to do these tasks correctly?

Your time is too valuable!  Spend it wisely!

Develop a repeatable lifestyle so your consultants will CRAVE your position!




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